Course curriculum

    1. Welcome and Orientation

    2. Course Layout

    3. First Check in

    1. 1. Be Your Own Hero

    2. 2. Sleep

    3. 3. Raise Your Vitality

    4. 4. Meditate daily

    5. 5. Acceptance is ALWAYS this first step

    6. 5. There is a reason for EVERYTHING!

    7. 6. TAKE ACTION!

    8. 7. Lead by Example

    9. 8. Create. Don't Compete.

    10. 9. Build Your Team

    11. 10. The Power of Questions

    12. 11. Find Your WHY

    13. 12. Have A Purpose And Dream BIG

    14. 14. Have FUN!

    1. Recap Module 1

    2. Module 1 Check In

    1. 15. The Power of Brain Dump

    2. 16. KISS Your Customers (And Yourself)...

    3. 17. Balance (And The Double FC Model)

    4. Be present in the moment

    5. The Power of Affirmations

    6. The Power of Momentum

    7. Get rid of time consuming apps

    8. Redefine work

    9. NET activities

    10. Master the golden three frames

    11. No EGO

    12. How to make sure your good luck will continue to shine?

    13. Gift yourself with silent treatment

    14. Focus on and improve your strength, not your weaknesses

    15. Check emails twice per day - Never first thing

    16. Master the science of the marketplace

    17. Learn to celebrate

    18. Does it make sense to go hunt hungry?

    19. Find your broom

    20. Be consistent

    21. Be flexible and open to change

    22. Are you going in the wrong direction or just solving a problem?

    23. Symptoms of going in the wrong direction

    24. Symptoms of going in the right direction or being in "the zone"

    25. A matter of perspective

    26. Master the art of juggling

    27. Repetition

    28. Find your source of inspiration

    29. Are you in the right room?

    30. No one will value you more than you value yourself

    31. Free calls are poor lead magnets

    32. Stay Curious And Never Stop Asking Questions

    33. Listen through questions

    1. Inspiration: Kobe Bryant

    2. Module 2 - Part 1 - Check In

    1. Perfection is the lowest standard

    2. Progress over Perfection

    3. Set SMARF Goals

    4. Cut your goals by half

    5. Are you a victim of analysis paralysis?

    6. Collect Gems First

    7. No task is too small

    8. There is no such thing a failure

    9. Action and Inaction Are Equally Important

    10. The art of Batching

    11. Delegation - A brilliant way to get more done

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    All you need is an Internet connection which you already have as you are now reading this page and a strong will to succeed.

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    Absolutely! No previous business education or knowledge is required.

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